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This framework has follow features:

  1. modulator - to organize external javascript code in asynchronous downloaded, dependable (by demand) modular structured architecture.
  2. module names namespacing
  3. defining pending, once time executed modules
  4. from previous feature generated image resource ready feature - when widget ready to use after previously downloading necessary images resource as .png, .gif and so on.
  5. not modular external script code (i.e. jQuery, plugins, and so on) injection in this architecture without any change/modification with config specification.
  6. prepare libraries based on this framework.
  7. jquery namespace maintenance.
  8. multiple language support
  9. external javascript source files versioning

My framework and library implementation usage in this site:

My innovation ideas and implementations in the javascript and jquery platform

I am looking for a job in the IT company

I prepare practical framework for programmers to show and to edit data tables on web sites It has universal instruments for sorting and searching. The searching instrument give you possibility for giving wide strip search criterias (conditions). I have not met such kind of searching possibilities in the structured data on the Internet yet. The outspoken you can observe and try on the Logs page.

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Ищу работу в ИТ компанию

Приготовил подходящую framework для использования программистом для отоброжения и редактирования таблиц данных на веб-сайте. Имеет универсальные инструменты для сортировки и поиска. Инструмент поиска дает такую возможность широкой полосой для критерий (условий) поиска. В интернете (World Wide Web) похожих возможностей поиска в структуровых данных мне еще не встречалось. Сказанное можете наблюдать и праверить на странице: Logs.

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